Discussion Points

The annual meetings of the Mediation Support Network (MSN) generally have a topical focus related to mediation. The “MSN Discussion Points” (ISSN 2413-2020) summarize key aspects of the MSN’s discussions on the meeting’s topic. The “MSN Discussion Points” do not provide a comprehensive or consensus view of MSN members, but rather act as a reflection of key issues that were discussed. They aim to act as useful food for thought for all those interested in peace mediation.

N° 11

Mediating Complex Conflicts in Africa:
Reflections on Multi-Stakeholder Approaches

N° 11

Peace Mediation and Diplomacy:
Joining Forces for More Effective Cooperation

N° 10

Implementing Peace Agreements: Supporting the Transition from the Negotiation Table to Reality

N° 9

Translating Mediation Guidance into Practice: Commentary on the Guidance on Gender and Inclusive Mediation Strategies

N° 8

Encountering and Countering Temporary Impasses in Peace Processes

N° 7

Challenges to Mediation Support in Hot Wars: Learnings from Syria and Ukraine

N° 6

Inclusivity in Mediation Processes: Lessons from Chiapas

N° 5

Mediation and Conflict Transformation

N° 4

Mind the Gap: How Mediation Support Can Better Respond to the Needs of Local Societies

N° 3

Regional Intergovernmental Organizations in Mediation Efforts: Lessons from West Africa

N° 2

Translating Mediation Guidance into Practice: Commentary on the UN Guidance for Effective Mediation by the Mediation Support Network

N° 1

Supporting Peace Processes: Improving Collaboration Between Humanitarian, Development, Security and Mediation Actors